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plusoptiX S12 Mobile Vision Screeners (S12C and S12R)

plusoptiX S12C and S12R have been designed for kindergarten- and schoolscreenings, performed by healthcare institutions and non-governmental organizations. Both devices measure the refraction of both eyes simultaneously and uninfluenced by medication from 1 meter distance to the child. The measurement values are compared with adjustable referral criteria and a "Refer" or "Pass" is displayed as screening result.

Ametropia, strabismus, and in rare cases media opacities are the most frequently occuring vision disorders during childhood. Ametropia, as well as corneal reflex symmetry indicating a possible strabismus, are easily measured with the plusoptiX S12C and S12R. Media opacities are visible on the in-built touchscreen.

plusoptiX S12C and S12R are ideal for the mobile use in kindergardens, schools and other institutions where one can not use perfectly prepared examination rooms. The necessity of a comprehensive eye examination by the ophthalmologist can be assessed non-invasively in combination with a Stereo-Lang-Test.

An early detection and treatment of vision disorders can prevent amblyopia successfully.



— plusoptiX S12 measures the refraction of both eyes simultaneously (binocular) from one meter distance

— The measurement values correspond with the results of a sciascopy in narrow pupil

— Measurement values are compared with adjustable referral criteria and a "Pass" or "Refer" is displayed as screening result

— The measurement is taken fully automated, and can be performed by an assistant


Referral criteria

— Anisometropia (different refraction values for both eyes)

— Astigmatism (corneal irregularity)

— Myopia (shortsightedness)

— Hyperopia (farsightedness)

— Symmetry of corneal reflexes (wrong gaze alignment, which can be caused by strabism)

— Anisocoria (different pupil diameter of both eyes)



 — Handy design, battery operated (rechargeable AA-batteries, no high costs for the exchange of an in-built battery)

— Our devices are maintenance free

— Precise measurement results

— Defective vision can be detected reliably

— Uninfluenced by medication

— Measurement of both eyes (binocular) within 1 second

— Measurement from 1 meter distance

— First measurement already with 6 months

— Measurement over glasses and contact lenses



 — WLAN interface for automated datatransfer to a patientdata-network with GDT (only plusoptiX S12C)

— Internal patient database to store measurement results in the device (only plusoptiX S12C)

— Complete measurement reports as PDF file on a SD Card

— Access to PDF files from any computer in the network via WLAN and the IP of your device (only plusoptiX S12C)

— Automated printing on any connected Computer with a printer via "plusoptiX Connect" (to download the free software please click here)

— Print measurement results on labels via the plusoptiX P12 — Labelprinter (optional)


Click here to reach the list of pediatricians, already working with the Vision Screener.

 Within the scope of a doctoral dissertation at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich it was established that preventive eye examinations with the plusoptX S08 (predecessor model) in child and youth practices achieved a sensitivity of 89% (i.e. 89% of all children with a vision disorder were found) and a specifity of 82% (i.e. 82% of all children with normal vision were identified as unremarkable). International studies also comfirm these results. Click here to reach the studies