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plusoptiX R09 PowerRef 3

The purpose of PowerRefractor is to meter accommodation in real time.

The plusoptiX R09 PowerRef 3 is a medical device for refractive surgeons and scientists. It provides dynamic measurements of accommodation in sphere, convergence and pupil size changes in scotopic, mesopic and photopic conditions. It is an unique accommodation meter that is being used by scientists to investigate for example: accommodation response time, scope of accommodation, effectiveness of accommodative IOLs, fatigue and double vision in 3D TV sets etc.

PowerRef3 — New Generation

— Dynamic measurement of accommodation and pupil size

— Binocular

— 50 measurements per sencond

— Non-contact measurement

— Recording of all measurement data

— Configurable display of results

— Capableof being integrated in your own applications

— Modular installation of components of the system

— Easy to use





— Measurement of correlation between vergence and accommodation

— Identification of peripheral refraction

— Evaluation of correlation between pupil size and accommodation

— Measurement of accommodation rate

— Measurement of accommodation width


Refractive Surgery

— Measurment of pupil size under real conditions

— Reliable and reproducible pupillometry because of dynmaic measurment

— Design of the optical zone for laser refractive surgery

— Decision support choosing asperical intraocularlenses

— Design for refractive lens implantation (MIOL, phake IOL)


Neuro Ophthalmology

— Identification and documentation of pupil motility disorders


For special requirements we work out and implement solution proposals.

More than 200 scientific studies with the PowerRef II have been carried out worldwide. Please click here for these studies.